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Common FAQs

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Are my customers put on notice that State is financing their invoices, and do they need to send payments directly to State?

In most cases, we are invisible to your customers.

Does State charge a collateral management fee?

No. State avoids the laundry list of fees that so many lenders charge.

How is State Financial different from a factor?

We only charge on average daily value of the loan. We don’t get between you and your customers.

How many days does State wait to advance against new invoices?

None. If the invoice is in by 11:00 a.m., State advances the same day.

How often do I pay my interest?

You don’t need to write a check. At the end of the month the interest is added to the loan.

How soon can I set up my line of credit?

If your books and records are promptly available, we can make a decision within a week, and fund the loan in the following week.

How do I pay my loan back?

Collections from the borrower’s customers are turned over to SFC and used to pay down the loan.

Can I borrow more than my initial advance?

Yes. As receivables grow, your ability to borrow grows.

Do you accept concentrated accounts?


How do I get my money?

Check or wire transfer.

When do I get my reserves back?

State does not hold back reserves.

Does State take money out of my account every day?

No. The loan payment is tied to your receivable balance

Does state have access to my bank account?


Does the loan amortize daily?



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